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Aug 24, 23

What are Raids?

Raids are co-op PvE aspects of Izzi. Up to 6 players can join a raid to take down the Raid boss and receive loot and rewards. A raid boss can be any card except Event Cards. A raid is a 3v1 or 3v3 mechanic against the raid boss based on your player level, but each player will use their own team to battle. If you and your party finishes a raid you will be rewarded with gold, fodders and Immortal cards. For more info about raid commands type [iz help raid].

Raid Spawn

To spawn a raid type [iz rd spawn <difficulty>]. Difficulty includes e [easy], m [medium], h [hard], [i] immortal. By default the raids you spawn will appear in public lobby in which any player can join your lobby or even snipe the raid you have spawned. You must spawn a private lobby raid to avoid getting sniped. Use [iz rd spawn <difficulty> -p] to spawn a private lobby raid. You will receive a DM from the bot with the details about your raid.


It often represents how difficult it is to defeat a raid based on its Card Rank and Boss Power Level. Each Raid is categorised into Easy, Medium, Hard and Immortal Raids which is further sub categorised into D1, D2, D3 difficulties D3 being the easiest and D1 being the hardest raids to do.
D1, D2, D3 depicts the card rank. Silver, Gold, Platinum rarity are considered D3 tier, Diamond, Legend, Divine are D2 tier and Immortal, Exclusive, Ultimate rarity are D1 tier.
The Raid difficulty you spawn is based on your player level. When a high level player spawns an easy raid he has higher chances of spawning a D1 raid compared to a low level player who has high chance of spawning D3 raids and very little chances of spawning D2 or D1 raids.
iz rd spawn i -p Spawns a immortal private lobby raid. When you spawn a private raid, you will automatically join as the leader.
Note: You must be level 22 to spawn or join Immortal Raids.

Raid Drops / Loot

Raid rewards are awarded if the Raid boss is defeated within the given time limit after the raid starts. Each raid has two types of Loot. Base loot which everyone gets and additional bonus loot which is distributed amount the lobby members.

Base loot - Consists of Fodders and Gold given to all participating players.

Bonus Loot - Distributed among all lobby members. Contains bonus gold, higher rarity card drops at a % drop rate based on the raid level & Power Leve [PL]. The number of bonus card drops are as follows:

D1 - 9 Legend Cards, 3 Immortal Card, max level - 1500

D2 - 6 Legend Cards, 3 Immortal Card, max level - 1850

D3 - 3 Legend Cards, 3 Immortal Card, max level - 2500 can go up to 3750

Each raid difficulty has some chance of spawning one of the 3 categories.

Easy - Can spawn D3 raids

Medium - Can spawn D3 and D2 raids

Hard - Can spawn D3 and D2 raids

Immortal - Can spawn D3, D2 and D1 raids

Note: In order to qualify for Bonus loot a player must deal 10% of Raid Boss's Max HP.

After you reach player level 55 you will start spawning 3 raid bosses instead of 1. While the legend card drops are distributed equally you have a chance of getting 3x immortal cards.

Party/Lobby MVP - The player who has dealt the most out of all party members is considered as the lobby MVP. Being the party MVP allows you to complete daily quests and gives additional 5% drop chance on Bonus loot.

Joining / Leaving Raid Lobbies

When you join or spawn a raid, a timer of 1 hour is given to recruit up to 6 players. You can start the raid challenge at any time using [iz rd start].

Joining Public Lobbies

To join a raid lobby type [iz rd join <lobby ID>]. Lobby ID can be found at the bottom of the raid view embed in your DM, or on public lobbies. To view a list of all public lobbies type [iz rd lobbies <filters>]. For more info type [iz h raid]. You can use -n <name> -d <difficulty>[easy, medium, hard, immortal] filters to find the lobby you are looking for.

raid lobbies

Joining Private Lobbies

To join a private lobby you must ask the lobby leader to invite you to their lobby. You can invite players to your private lobby using [iz rd inv <@user>]. Only the lobby leader can invite other players into the party.

Leaving Raid Party

To leave any raid party type [iz rd leave]. Note: if the raid has already started and you wish to leave the party you will lose 2 Raid Permits.

View Raid Party/Status

To view party members and stats type [iz rd party]. This displays all the player details such as Power Level, Username, Current Level, Total Damage, Energy. Once the raid starts you will be able to see the party MVP, Damage Dealt by each player, etc.

Raid Leader Commands

The first person to join raid party will become the raid leader. When the current raid leader leaves the next player in the party will be promoted automatically as the raid leader. To transfer raid party leadership type [iz rd mlead <vote kick ID>].

You can share the raid lobby code with your friends or invite them using [iz rd inv <@user>]. You can toggle the raid party visibilty to private or public using the commands [iz rd mpub] / [iz rd mprivate].

To kick party members use [iz rd kick <#vote kick ID>].

Raid Battle


Once all your party members are ready to take on the raid challenge, the raid leader must start the raid. To start the raid challenge type [iz rd start]. This will send a DM to all the party members prompting them to attack the raid boss.

Battle and Energy

Once your raid has started, to battle the raid boss type [iz rd bt]. Energy is similar to mana to battle the raid boss. You start off with 25 energy and consume 10 energy per raid battle. However, should you choose to use all your energy type [iz rd bt all]. You can additionally use hidebt to skip/fast forward the battle using [iz rd bt hidebt] or [iz rd bt all hidebt]. The max damage you can deal in a raid is capped at 8.5% for solo lobby members and 10% for group party.

You can check your energy using [iz rd e]. The energy regenrating rate is 5 energy every 4 minutes. Once your battle has finished you will see a summary of your damage dealt as shown below:

raid battle damage summary


- If your battle gets deleted while in progress it will count as forfeit and will consume the energy and you will deal 0 damage.

- If you change your team while your current battle is in progress, it won't affect in real time until the next time you battle.

Rage Mode

The Raid Boss will enter Rage Mode when the battle reaches r10. During this mode the boss will progressively gain 10% ATK, 25% Critical Hit Damage every round. Additionally its INT will also be refilled once.

Raid Damage Capping

You must simply defeat the raid boss to deal CAP damage. If you fail to defeat the raid boss considering the raid boss may heal or generate more INT making it hard to defeat. You will still reach cap damage if you deal enough damage. However, if you don't reach the required damage you will simply deal the % damage based on raid boss max HP.

Kicking, Vote Kicking and AFK Auto kick

Before the Raid starts the party leader can kick players using [iz rd kick <#vote kick ID>].

Once the raid has started you cannot kick a party member without them being away for more than 30mins. 60% vote is required to kick a player from the party. To vote a lobby member type [iz rd vkick <#vote kick ID>]. Vote kick ID can be found in the [iz party] command.


If a party member is AFK for more than 1 hour, they will be auto kicked by the bot.

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