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  • • Thank you for Supporting Izzi! You can donate any amount you wish to. For every $1 you donate you get 125 IP (Izzi Points)item1 iconas a token of appreciation.
  • • Donating helps the dev to cover server cost to provide you with the best experience.
  • • The first time you donate $15 you will receive 25 Shardsitem3 iconand 1 Random Card of Immortal Rank.Redeem here
  • • When you donate you will also receive the "Donator" role on the Official Server if you've donated over $100 you receive the "Ascended" role. So, Please do DM HoaX for the role.
  • • No transactions can be refunded under any circumstances. All card transactions are handled by Stripe and we do not store any of your information.