Izzi Bot Commands


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Ping iz ping
Cooldown: 2s
Ping the bot
Start iz start
Cooldown: 2s
Start your epic adventure in the ruins of XeneX and battle against powerful enemies. Collect cards, Pvp battles and much more!
Invite iz invite
Cooldown: 2s
Invite izzi to your server and start your conquest in the Xenverse! https://izzi-xenex.xyz
Help iz help <Command Name> (Optional)
Cooldown: 2s
View all commands on izzi. You can also use this command to query a specific command you need assistance with.
Console iz console
Cooldown: 2s
Open the console menu for easy access.

console toggle
Set an anonymous configuration to hide username from the seller on the Global Market.

console reset
Resets configuration.
Wishlist iz wh <user id>
Cooldown: 2s
View all the items on your wishlist. You add items/cards to your wishlist for easy tracking.
[Example] iz wh->Shows all items on your wishlist.
[Example] iz wh show -n texas->Filters the wishlist to show items of texas.
[Example] iz wh show ->Shows the wishlist of a specific user.
[Example] undefined->Remove an item from your wishlist.
Guide iz guide
Cooldown: 2s
Initiate a step by step starter guide helping you navigate through some izzi basics. Use iz guide complete to complete your guide instantly.
Changelogs iz changelogs
Cooldown: 2s
View detailed description of patch notes, changes and updates on izzi.