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Aug 19, 23

What are Abilities?

A major value of a card lies in their abilities or skills. For easy wording I will be referring to abilities as skills. To check the skill of a card in your Inventory use [iz info <#ID>], If you don't own the card but know the name then use the command [iz cinfo <name>]. Skills are especially important while building Teams comps for raids, as a good team comp with the right skills can deal huge damage. To view all abilities available on izzi type [iz abilities].
Note: The skill description shown using this command are Silver Card Rank stats, to view higher rank stats you must use the cinfo or info command.

There are two types of skills - Passive and Active.

  1. Passive Skills - They require a condition to be met to activate or they activate once at the start of the battle. Passive skills are denoted with [PSV] next to the skill name.
    Example: Wrecker buffs your ATK stat by 92% and
    activates once at the start of the battle. While Berserk buffs any one of ATK / DEF / Crit Chance by 22% activates every time your HP % is lower than the enemy.

    izzi passive abilities
  2. Active Skills - These skills usually activate every 2nd or 3rd round depend on the impact a skill has. This number is usually not mentioned anywhere but when you observe your battles you will see some abilities activate every 2 rounds, and some every 3. This can be synergized to make the most out of your Team Comps.
    Tip: It is recommended to try the skills and pick cards based on your play style. For more information you can also join Izzi Official Server to get access to the community.

The buffs each skill gives is represented by percent [%] and varies based on the Card Rank, higher the card rank higher the buff.
Note: Your skills activate based on the order they have been placed in your team from left to right.

Your Team

As you progress through the floors you will find yourself wanting to do Raids as they are more beneficial to get more cards and gold rewards. To participate in Raid Challenges you must first create a team. Use the command [iz tm create <team name>] to create a new team, you can create up to 5 teams. For more info about the command use [iz help team].
Note: Team names are case sensitive so, make sure your team names are correctly spelled.

Setting a Card in Team - Once you've created your team, it is now time to assign cards from your Inventory into your team to be able to use them in Raids. Each Team has up to 3 positions. You can place any number of cards in your team but it is recommended to use 3 cards to get the best out of your team comps.
To set a card into your team use the command [iz tm set <#ID> <team name>]. If you do not remember the team name you want to assign the card to you can simply use [iz tm set <#ID>] and you will see a dropdown selection to choose the Team to assign the card to.
Next you will find yourself looking at your team positions to assign the card to. Simply, choose the position from the dropdown shown. If a card has already been assigned to a position in the team it will be replaced with the new card.
Note: If you have already selected a team previously that team will always be shown if a team name is not mentioned. During this scenario you can use the [iz tm view] command to see all the teams you have created.

set card to team

set card in team position

Viewing a TeamNow that you've create your first team and assigned cards into your team, you can view your team's power level and total stats. Use [iz tm view <team name>] to view your team. If you do not remember your team name use the command [iz tm view] to get a list of all your teams and choose the team you wish to view from the dropdown.
Each team view displays all the positions and the card assigned in team, the total stats and the power level. You will notice there is additional stats enclosed in brackets, these are bonus stats you get from joining a Guild / Clan.

list of teams

view team positions

Selecting your Team - To attack in raid battles you must have a valid team selected. A valid team must have atleast 1 card you own assigned to any position in the team. To select your team for battle type [iz tm select <team name>]. If you do not remember your team name you can type [iz tm select] and choose the team from the list.

selecting a teamselecting a team for battle

Removing your Team - To remove your team type [iz tm remove <team name>]. If you do not remember the team name, type [iz tm remove] and choose the team from the list.

Team Battles PvP and PvE

Once you have a valid team selected you are now ready to face Raid Challenges and Player vs Player challenges. To initiate a PvP battle type [iz tm bt <@user>]. This command will prompt a battle confirmation to your opponent, your battle begins when your opponent accepts the challenge. Note that you can also battle your own team by typing [iz tm bt <@your username>].
PvP often leads to Tournaments and exciting events offering great rewards across the servers, so be sure to participate and win!

How do you testing your Team Comps?

To make sure your team comp is battle ready you can battle your friends, but what if they are not available at times? There is a convenient way to test your comps. Use the command [iz tm dg] to initiate a random 3v3 PvE challenge against the bot. The difficulty of this challenge is based on your current profile level.

team dungeon battle

Raid Battles

You will eventually have enough good cards collected to be able to use them in Raids to receive loot and bonus gold. Once you've joined a raid and the raid has started you can attack the Raid Boss using the command [iz rd bt]. We have not covered all raid commands in this article. Learn more about Raids from the Raids Beginner guide recommended below. For more info about raid commands use [iz help rd].

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