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Oct 16, 23

Select Your Card and Start Grinding

Now that you have selected your card using [iz select <#ID>], we can get to battles and climbing the floors. To battle use [iz bt]. Once the battle is completed, you will be prompted to progress to the next floor. To move to the next floor you can simply click on the button or type [iz fl n]. Additionally if you wish to skip the battle and move to the result type [iz bt hidebt].

advance to next floor
You will also receive bonus loot for clearing the floor along with base fodders and gold. Your card will also gain EXP. Repeat the commands for each battle until you clear the zone. To advance to the next zone a similar prompt will be shown with a zn n button or you can type [iz zn n].
After you have passed a floor you can go back to it to farm fodders. Type [iz bt all] to use all your mana for equivalent rewards on the current floor.

floor fodders
Platinum card copies are considered as Fodders. As you progress through the floors you can collect more fodders from Floors or Purchase them using [iz pack], each pack contains 10 Fodder copies. For more info about packs use [iz h pack]. The fodders in your inventory are shown as below:

fodders in inventory

Leveling Up Your Card [Enchantment]

You can also level up your cards by consuming Fodders to reach max level. To Enchance your card type [iz enh <#ID>]. This will prompt a confirmation with the details about the number of fodders consumed and the total xp you gain and the total level you can reach. If you have sufficient fodders or more fodders the command will only consume the fodders needed to reach max level. Type [iz h rank] to view the list of ranks/rarity and its max level.
By default the bot uses an optimal algorithm to consume cards that give the most xp. However, you can also specify a fodder name of your choice to be used in Enchantment. Type [iz enh -n <name>].
Additionally to limit the number of fodders you want to consume type [iz enh -l 200]. For more info on the command type [iz h enh].

card enchantment
1 Fodder or Platinum card offers 150xp. When consuming fodders, fodders with same name as your card will give you 3x xp i.e 450xp which will help you level up your card even fast with fewer fodders required. To view the number of Fodders you require to reach a level type [iz cards <start level> <end level>] ex: iz cards 3 50, will display the fodders needed to enchant your card from level 3 to level 50.

cards required to enchant

Battles Stats And Game Mechanics

Now that we know how to battle an enemy, we will see what each visual representation of stats are, and some important battle mechanics.


Title - Displays the current type of battle. This consists of Team Dungeon Battle [iz tm bt], Raid Challenge [iz rd bt], PvP [iz tm bt <@user>], Floor Battles [iz bt].
Team/Card Name - Displays your team name and the opponent Team Name.
Element Type - Displays all the card element types set on the team. The icons next to it are items [do not worry about them for now], which you can read more about from the recommended guides below.
Team/Card Stats - ATK, DEF, INTELLIGENCE [INT], SPEED and CRITICAL HIT DAMAGE are displayed in order.
HP and Energy Bar - The current HP and total HP are displayed above the green bar which is a visual representation of your current HP. The orange Energy Bar is a visual representation of your team ARMOR.
The next column shows the similar details of the enemy. Battle description of the attack and damage dealt along with the current round is shown. Finally your team and enemy cards are attached to the embed.
You can forfeit or fast forward [finish] the battle at any time.

Important Battle Mechanics

An important aspect of the game is to understand how each stat works to build an optimal team comp. The ATK stat determines the current attack points of your team, DEF determines defense, SPD determines the speed of your team. SPD stats factors if your Team will attack first. Critical Hit Point is the damage multiplier when your team gets a critical hit.
These stats greatly influence the amount of damage your team or card will deal.
The INT stat is important because it acts as an Additional SHIELD that can reduce the damage taken from your HP bar.
For example: if you have 10hp left and your INT is 300 and the damage dealt by the enemy is 350, your ARMOR will be reduced to 0 and your HP to 5 giving you survival chances to land one more hit.
At the start of the battle both teams will start off with full ARMOR and your ARMOR reduces as you take damage. There are card abilities/skills/talents that increase your ARMOR everytime they proc, creating diverse Team Comps.
Note: Card abilities that deal Active Damage will directly affect your HP regardless of your teams' ARMOR.

This guide is a beginner friendly battle overview. Checkout the recommended guides for related topics. Create your Team Comps and start climbing!

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