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Sep 22, 23

Welcome to Xenverse!

This guide is aimed to help new players understand the basics of the bot and is best viewed on PC.
To start your Izzi journey, type [iz start].
Note: Your account must be 60 days old to start playing.

Make sure you join the Official Izzi Server using [iz server] to have access to the community. [iz invite] to invite the bot to your servers & [iz help] to view all commands available on the Bot. Don't forget to read the server & bot related rules [Bot rules are listed under [iz help] command]. To view details about specific commands use [iz help <command>]. Each command can have multiple alias, so do not worry if some players use different command for the same action.

Read our recommended guides for indepth tutorials as there are many features to be explained.

Your Profile

Type [iz p] to access your profile. You can view other player's profile using [iz p <ID / @user>]. Find the explanation of each section on your profile below.

User status

Set a custom status message, for peope to see if they want to view your profile. To change your status message type [iz update status <your message>].

izzi user status


Gold can be obtained by battling floors & zones, Raids, Selling cards. To check your gold balance use [iz g], you can also additionally check other players' gold using [iz g <ID / @user>]. You can also send a receive gold using the [iz give <@user>] command.
Note: You must be level 8 to send and receive gold from other players. And, you cannot give yourself gold.

izzi gold game currency


Displays current player level. To increase your level you must reach the maximum exp set for your current level. To check your current level use [iz lvl], you can also check other players' level using [iz lvl <ID / @user>].

player current level

Experience Points [Exp / xp]

Displays current player exp and the required exp to level up. You gain between 5 - 8xp per floor battle. Each floor battle consumes 5 mana, to initiate a floor battle use [iz fl bt]. There is no other way to gain exp. To check your current xp use [iz xp].

player experience points


Displays your current mana and dungeon mana. We will only focus on mana in this article, you will learn about dungeon mana in the advanced tutorials and as you progress through the game.
Mana is consumed when you attack a floor boss. Your current mana is refilled and max mana you can hold is increased by 2 when you level up. To check your current mana use [iz mana].
You regen 2 mana every 4 minutes, but you gain 3 mana if you're premium. There are many premium benefits, checkout premium pack.

premium mana regen

izzi mana for non premium

Izzi Points [IP]

Izzi Points are premium in-game currency which can be obtained by supporting the bot by donation. read more here. Premium currency can be used to purchase packs from the premium shop, click here for more info. To check your current izzi points type [iz points].

izzi premium currency

Guild / Clan Name

Eventually one day, you'll create your own guild [for 200,000 gold] or join one. You may also choose not to join any guild but there are benefits to being in a guild such as stat bonus to your cards & teams boosting their power level, access to Guild Market to purchase exclusive items to evo your cards.
To check your current guild, use [iz guild]. To view other players' guild use [iz guild view <ID / @user>].

izzi guild view

Raid Permits

In order to join raids you need 2 raid permits. You regain 1 raid permit every 3hours. Premium users regain 1 permit every 2hour 30mins. There are other ways to gain permits such as Daily Voting and Lottery. Use [iz daily] to view all benefits you can get from voting on
To check your current permits using [iz permits].

raid permit refill for premium

raid permit refill for non-premium

Shards and Orbs

Displays your current shards & orbs. Shards are a type of exclusive currency which are used to redeem Event cards and can be obtained during Events. For more info about Events click here. Events are a type of Raids that offer different kind loot. Everyone can participate in this game mode. To check your current shards use [iz shards].
Orbs are a type of currency which can be used to purchase card skins. Orbs can be obtained from Event Raids, donating to your guild using [iz guild donate <amount>]. There are more ways to obtain orbs which you will come accross as you progress through the game or Advanced tutorials. To check your current orbs use [iz orbs].

izzi shards

izzi blue orbs

Your Inventory

Izzi has over 796 collectable cards which are characters from anime series, popular games and cinemas. The cards you collect will be added to your inventory. To access your inventory type [iz inv], you will see your first card with these details. An example is shown below.

inventory cardThe card details shown are as follows:

#1 - Shows the position of the card in your inventory, often represented by <#ID> in the filters. This number may change as you collect more cards, sell and buy cards and get fodders by battling floors. You can check the card details using [iz info <#ID>]. Your inventory is sorted by the highest rank from most powerful to least followed by ID.

Card Name - This is the name of your character, you can assign nicknames up to 20 character limit. Use [iz nick <#ID> <character nickname>]. For more info about this command use [iz help nick].

Card Level - This is the level of your character. Similar to your level exp, all cards also have character level exp. Your cards can gain exp by using them in floor battles. You card can also gain level by consuming Fodders [the cards you collect from claims or floor battles]. You can also purchase 10x fodders using [iz pack] command. For more usage info check [iz help pack]. The maximum level a card can reach is defined by its rank. To level up your card use the command [iz enh <#ID> <-filters>] for more info on the command use [iz help enh].

Card Element Type and Ability - Each card is assigned an ability and element type which is the core mechanics of the game. There are currently 40 abilities and 11 element types. Each element has a counter element and an affective element. For more info on elements and abilities use the commands [iz help element] & [iz abilities]. You will learn more about them in advanced tutorials but for now we will only see what elements exist and which are affected by different elements. Below is table of all elements and its effectiveness.

all element types

card element types

Card Rank - Each card is assigned a rank which increases the power of the card based on its rank. Each rank from lowest to highest power and its max level are as follows:
Silver: 50, Gold: 50, Platinum: 50, Diamond: 60, Legend: 60, Divine: 60, Immortal: 70, Exclusive: 70, Ultimate: 70, Mythical: 70
For more info about ranks use [iz help rank].

Card Souls - Every card has a number of souls it requires to evolve from its current rank to the next powerful rank. However, Silver, Gold and Platinum cards cannot be evolved as they are considered as fodders. To get max souls you require ONE card copy of the same rank and its max level. For more info type [iz help sacrifice] [This is the easiest to get started with].
You can also get souls from the Guild Market or by using the item Desolator in battles [checkout advanced tutorials].

Card ID - This is mostly used to sell & buy on the Global Market, and many other commands. The commands that use Card ID will explicitly mention the <card ID> filter in the help command.

Selecting a Card

Now that you've collected your first card, it is time to use it in a battle. To select a card use [iz select <#ID>], to use that card in floor battles.

how to select card

Floors & Zones

advance to next floor

Now that you have a card selected it is time to start climbing the floors. To attack a floor boss use [iz fl bt]. On defeating the floor boss you will gain exp, gold, fodders and will be able to move on to the next floor boss. To advance to the next floor use [iz fl n]. Once you've cleared a floor you will be able to farm cards using [iz bt all]. Be careful when you use this command as it uses all of your mana.
Each Zone has many Floors from the anime series the Zone is assigned. You will have to defeat all the floors in current zone to move to the next one. To move to the next zone use [iz zn n]. This is where the game begins for you. Your main goal would be to defeat each floor and advance to the next until you've reached the max number of zones [108 currently] available on the bot. With new updates there can be more anime series and more zones being added.
For more info about floors and zones use the commands [iz fl] [iz zone].

advance to next zone location

How To Get Cards

There are many ways you can get usable cards to collect and start building your way to be able to do Raids.


You will eventually encounter card spawns that have a claim button. Card spawns depend on SERVER ACTIVITY. You can get up to 5 ranks from claims Siver [100%], Gold [80%], Platinum [65%], Diamond [25%], Immortal [5%] and Mythical [0.1%]. 

Premium Shop

You can get elemental card packs and exclusive card packs from the Premium Shop. The Rotating Packs are changed at the start of every month. These packs as the name suggests contains their respective element type cards. For more info visit the premium shop.


You can additionally send and receive cards directly to a player by trading with them. This massively helps players to trade cards for a short time for climbing floors etc.
Note: You must be level 8 to unlock the trading feature.

Global Market

The Global Market works accross all servers connected to the bot. To access the Global Market use [iz mk <filters>]. For more info on the command use [iz help mk]. Filters include -n [name] -r [rank]. Any type of card can be sold on the Global Market so make sure to use proper filters. Otherwise, you will purchase the wrong card and no refunds will be given.

Buying Cards - Remember the Card ID from your inventory? We will use that to purchase cards from the Market use [iz mk buy <card ID>]. Once you type this command a confirmation will be prompted confirming the purchase and the card will be added to your inventory. The Global Market is competely run by the community and the players. So every card sold on the market is actually a card posted by another player.
Tip: It is a good habit to check the market frequently for cards you want as the prices will fluctuate depending on the current meta. 

Selling Cards - To list a card for sale on the Global Market you will need the Card ID from your inventory of the card you want to sell. Then, you will need to come up with a selling price. To list your card for sale use [iz mk sell <Card ID> <Selling Price>]. For more info on market commands use [iz help mk].
Tip: It is a good habit to be updated with the meta to sell your card for the best price.

Removing Cards - If you have listed the wrong card or made a mistake, you can remove the card from the Global Market using the [iz mk remove <Card ID>] command.


Since Global Market is accross servers, there is a 6% Tax on your selling price. So, if you want to sell a card for 100,000 Gold you will only receive 94,000 Gold. This tax goes back into the izzi treasury to be used as bonus gold in raids. You can read more about it in advanced guides.

Izzi Dex and Card Info

To display all the cards available on Izzi type [iz dex]. Check the Filter Library in recommended articles to view all the support filters. You can also additionally check the cards available on the website. Type [iz web] for useful links or visit:

To view a more detailed information about a card such as Series, Floors and Stats, use [iz cinfo <name>] or [iz cinfo -n <name>]. For more information about the command use [iz help cinfo].
To view all abilities available on izzi visit: Head over to the Learn More section to view additional information on the website.

card information

This guide is sufficient to get you start with the basics of the Bot and how to start playing. There's plenty more features that i have not covered in this guide as its too lengthy. Checkout the related section below for more beginner guides.

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