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Jan 27, 22

1. I started my account... What do i do now?

Izzi is a automatic card bot, in easy words;
Select card, enter command, watch card do its thing, get reward, rinse and repeat.

This is the main gist of the bot, as you play and are introduced to more complex and harder battles you will need more cards to deal with these challenges, at some point you might even need to upgrade them to a higher rank, then join a guild so your cards are even stronger, and so on and on. But you get the main idea. 

Before starting anything i need you to understand that this bots prefix is iz, this means that all commands used start with this prefix. I want to clear this up because in this blog ill only type out the command, not including the prefix. This is just incase you dont understand how prefixes work and try to enter the commands without attaching the prefix. Commands will be written in bold and underline [LIKE THIS] that out of the way, lets get started.

When starting there really is nothing to do but battle the floors of the Xenverse. bt is the command you want to use to initiate these battles. After a battle you will get a set amount of gold and a copy of the card you just fought. I'll get into the details of these later in the guide, but first just remember: Fight floor, get gold. 

You might realise that when typing bt, there are a lot of things on the top of the imbed, lets discuss what all of these things are, and mean.

A example of a battle by one of our players.

The first thing that might catch your attention is the "Challenging Floor" part, every battle in the Xenverse takes place in a floor on a zone. The zone is indicated by the first number, and the floor by the second behind the stripe [ - ]. In a zone, there are multiple floors, the higher the floor the stronger the card, pretty easy.

Next is the text directly under the floor part, it recites the name, rank and level of your card, followed up by the element and hp of your card. The name part isnt really as important but i might as well bring it up, what IS important however, are the element and rank bits. In Izzi there are 11 elemental properties a card can have;

Neutral, Dark, Light, Fire, Ground, Water, Grass, Lighting, Crystal, Wind and Poison.

Elements can interact with one another, being either effective or not effective against another type, this is important to climbing floors because you will always want a elemental advantage over the opponent. Here is a chart of the effectives and ineffectives of every type.

**Note: Neutral has no advantage, and disadvantage

You might wanna memorize this as you start fighting harder and harder floors.

The next important bit was the rank part. As card games usually do, Izzi cards are split up into multiple levels of card ranks, specifically into 9 different tiers, those being;

Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond -> Legend -> Divine -> Immortal -> Exclusive -> Ultimate

Obvioulsy the higher rank the better. 

I dont think i need to explain the hp bar under those two but if you really wanna know, lots of hp good, low hp bad. 

After that the same information is written out for the enemy card; Name, rank, level, element and its hp bar. Same song and dance. Under that however is another important part, that being the round count and action relay [not offical name thats just what i call it]. 

Izzi's combat system is built up on a action per round system, in a round both you and your opppenent will attack. Additionaly both you and your opponent can acitvate their ability but thats for later. All of this information is delivered in the action relay.

After a floor has been beaten you gain access to the next floor, to access this simply type fl n and do the whole battle thing all over again. Once you reach the last floor of a zone, there will be a text stating that you can access the next zone, to get in there type zn [The number of the zone]

Now you should understand the basic of flooring and the Izzi combat system.


2. How do i learn about my own cards and the other cards in the bot?

Good question, time we move onto our next set of commands. The first is inv, this command lets us open our inventory and see what cards we have at our disposal.

This is what it should look like, and of course there are a bunch of new terms you need to pay attention to. The first is the number next to the name of your card. This is the "cards inventory id", this number will be the main way you use your cards in commands, for example: select [or set] is the command used to... well select your card. The selected card is what will be used in battles and showed on your profile. After the cards inventory id is the cards name, pretty self explanatory. After card name is card level. The maximum level a card can reach is determined by the rank of the card, heres the chart for the max level for every rank. 

Silver 50 -> Gold 50 -> Platinum 50 -> Diamond 60 -> Legend 60 -> Divine 60 -> Immortal 70 -> Exclusive 70 -> Ultimate 70

After level is the element and ability display. Weve already talked about elements but lets talk about abilites cause oh BOY theres a lot to unpack here. Izzi is home to a staggering 35 different abilities, all of which can interact with each other and against each other. Now i can make a whole different guide about abilities [and i or pareo absolutely will] but for the sake of keeping this one short, you can open abilities to view all of them and see what they do. Below these is a whole new row of information, first is card rank, again weve already touched this so i wont repeat myself, but after that comes a interesting bit, souls. Souls are this close to deserving their own guide but luckily weve figured it out to the point where i can keep it simple. Souls are what allow a card to jump up in rank, once a certain amount of souls are reached you can evolve a card and itll reach a new rank. Now how to get these souls is a different matter, you can sacrifice or guild evo. Now ill get into guild evo during the guild part of this blog, but i can get into sacrifice pretty quickly. 

If you have 2 copies of the same card with the same rank you can do sac [inventory id of copy one] [inventory id of card two] The second card you entered will be converted into souls, and then absorbed by the first card, then all you need to do is type evo [inventory id of copy one] and presto you have successfully evolved your card. I will go into more detail about the evo and soul system later during the guild bit / guide / depends on how much energy i have left to write this thing.

Lastly, next to souls you will see the card id. Inventory id and id are two different things, inventory id is sort of like what order the card is in your inventory, while id is the serial number of your card. This id is mostly used when buying or selling cards in the in-game market. Ill get into the market and in-game economy cause thats a whole different can of worms in another guide, but for now this is all you need to know.

Now i dont think you know this, but Izzi is home to 578 unique cards. I know its a lot. God knows its almost impossible to know what each of them do, what zone theyre in, and what their stat spread is. Luckily for you, Izzi has a command that lets you see the information of any card in the Xenverse. By typing ci [card name] you will be presented with the cards stats, ability, name, zone and floor location and series [granted if that character is a card in the bot].

Example of command being used.

This interface will also be shown when moving from one floor to the other.

Same story just with different information depending on which command was used.

One thing is that you should know is that the stats showed in ci are base stats on silver rank, if you want to see the stats of YOUR card the command becomes i [inventory id].


3. Hey you skipped that weird image thing next to card level when you were explaining inventory, what is that?

So i see you noticed it, well now im going to get into one of the key defining features of Izzi that makes it stand out from others. Equipment. In Izzi there are certain pieces of equipent you can buy that will give your cards a specific ability or boost, these range from just giving your card extra hp to allowing your card to have a life steal effect on every basic attack it does. Make sure to use these items to their upmost potential. Here is a list of items and their effects: 

Thornmail: Increases max hp and def, applies minecraft thorn enhancment to your card [deal damage back by a certain percent when attacked]

Black Cleaver: Increases max hp and atk, reduces enemy defense every attack by a certain percent

Desolator: Increases attack, reduces enemy defense every attack by a set value [-6 def / attack]

Bloodthirster: Increases attack and critical hit rate, applies life steal effect to your card [20% lifesteal]

Stormrazor: Increases attack, all hits have a chance to stun the enemy for one turn [this chance is abysmally low please dont buy this item]

Navori Quickblades: Increases attack and critical hit rate [20% critical hit rate increase]

Youmuu's Ghostblade: Increases attack and speed, gives card a 12% chance to evade attacks

Duskblade of Dhaktharr: Increases attack, grants additional 75 + 30% points of damage

Sapphire's Staff: Increases intelligence 

Farsight Orb: Increases intelligence and critical hit rate [9% critical hit rate increase]

Seeker's Armguard: Increases intelligence and defense

Guardian Angel: Increases defense, increases maximum hp by 500 at the start of the battle

Kraken Slayer: Increases all stats by 80 points [except evasion, critical hit rate and accuracy]

Staff of Medana: Increases intelligence, adds additional 15% chance to resist sleep or restrict status effects, not both its rng based [so pray you get what you want]

Lunar Wand: Increases intelligence, adds additional 18% chance to resist sleep status effect


You can see these items in the market by typing in ishop 

On this ui you will see the item name, the price, it's category and the market id. To purchase an item use the command ishop buy [item market id], then confirm and you have successfully bought the item. After purchasing make sure to use items to view all owned items and their inventory id's. To equip it, use eq -cr [card inventory id] -i [item inventory id]

Then just select the card you just equipped the item on and youre ready to rock n' roll the floors of the Xenverse.


And that about sums it up for what you need to know when you start your journey, i know its a lot to take it but trust me the following guides will be even more convex and lenghty so dont complain just yet. 
One very important thing i need to say is that you dont always need to have this blog open when you just started out, many of our players in the IzzI official server are more than willing to give you a helping hand [myself included], so dont be shy to come on down to one of the game channels [izzi-1, trust me everyone plays there] and ask for some help.

Thats about it for the first blog, and i'll see yall in the next one. See yall in the OS,


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