back Mia's Beginner Guide - Card Elements and Ranks

☽ Miaᶜʳˢ
☽ Miaᶜʳˢ
Nov 18, 22

Hello again summoner,

I hope you were able to make some progress on your floors and zones! Is your selected card leveled up to the maximum yet? 

Cards come in different ranks - some of them you probably already know:

  • Silver, Gold, Platinum: these are fodder cards. You cannot evolve them into any higher ranked card.
  • Diamond: this card rank is the first that allows you to evolve several copies into a higher rank. Max level: 60
  • Legend: two legend cards can be evolved into a divine card. Max level: 60
  • Divine: two divine cards can be evolved into an immortal card. Max level: 60
  • Immortal: Immortal cards can be used quite well in raids and are the highest possible rank to get as loot drop in raids. Max level: 70
  • Exclusive: two immortal cards can be evolved into an exclusive card. Max level: 70
  • Ultimate: the highest possible rank. Max (enhancable) level: 70 

You probably also noticed the different card elements. Each card frame corresponds to an element as well. In total, there are 11 elements
The way different elements counteract each other can be a bit diffilcult to explain, so here is a graphic for you to make it a bit easier: 

 Element Effectiveness

If you are using a ground card, you will be weak towards crystal and grass.

If you are using a ground card, you will be strong towards electric and poison.

Understanding and remembering the different element effectivenesses can be hard at the start, but you will quickly grow used to it.
You can use the element effectiveness to your advantage when you battle floors and also when you start participating in raids!