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Aug 5, 22

Been a while but im back on the keyboard typing away,

Right now izzi is going through a massive player spike upwards and what better time than now to educate the masses a little bit more and give em some more tips and tricks. This blog is an extension to the first blog i wrote, "Getting started, the basics of Izzi" i recommend you read that before jumping into this one. 

With that out of the way, lets start with


1. Ability trigger timers

Weve been receiving a lot of players from the "neighbor" bot who see ability activation a little bit different from how izzi does it. Here, all abilities work on a timer basis. So instead of seeing a bar that eventually fills up, abilities will trigger during a certain turn. There are 6 types of timers in izzi

a] Every 2 turns [2,4,6,8,10,12,14]
b] Every 3 turns [3,6,9,12,15]
c] Every turn before the 3rd [2,5,8,11,13]
d] Every 4 turns [4,8,12]
e] At the start of the first turn [1]
f] Passives [No turn timer, instead they have a trigger requirement] 

Heres a table of the abilites in their respective timer categories:

Ability Trigger Timer
Balancing Strike 2
Berserk If HP is lower than the HP of the opponent
Blizzard 2 [Effects last for 2 turns]
Bone Plating 3 [Effects last for 2 turns]
Chronobreak 3
Crusher 2
Dominator Before the 3rd
Dragon Rage 3
Dream Eater Only activates if the enemy is asleep
Eclipse 3
Electrocute 2
Elemental Strike 2
Evasion 2
Exhaust 2
Frost 2
Fighting Spirit Only triggers when current hp is lower than 30% of total hp
Future Sight 3
Guardian 2
Harbinger of Death 4
Killer Instinct 2
Lifesteal 3
Misdirection 2
Point Blank 2
Presence of Mind Before the 3rd
Predator 2
Precision 3
Restriction 2
Revitalize 3
Rapid Fire 2
Spell Book 2
Sleep 3
Surge Only triggers when current HP is under 45% of total HP
Toxic Screen 3 [Effects last 2 turns]
Tornado 2
Time Bomb 2
Wrecker Only triggers at the start of a battle

Keep these timers in mind when raiding or when organizing a team.


2. Abilites that stack / Double proc

When playin sometimes you just think "Man wouldnt it be nice if i had 3 revitalizes on a team, id never die." Well sadly that doesnt work. HOWEVER, some abilities do activate twice if more than one card of that ability is set in a team. Those abilities are:

- Elemental Strike
- Electrocute
- Chronobreak
- Misdirection

Chronobreak is the least scary when stacked cause it literally doesnt do anything the second time.

Elemental strike is somewhat dangerous as when its combined with another damage ability [for example blizzard] youll have to tank 3 different sources of unblockable damage.

Misdirection is a step above stacked elemental strike, misdirections damage is based off your current attack stat, so for example if youve just activated revitalize theres a chance that this ability when landing will do more damage than usual, as an additional threat it increases INT by a lot. So if youre in a misdirection x2 - elemental strike not only are you dealing with unblockable damage, but also with scaling damage.

Lastly would be double electrocute. I dont think i need to explain why this would be absolutely terrifying to deal with. While theres a off chance that after the first one stuns the second one could unstun, the sheer damage electrocute pumps out is too much of a risk.

Keep these in mind when raiding in normal raids when they return, dont be hasty and think about what you want to raid versus what you can raid.


3. INT does absolutely nothing of importance to you

Keeping on with the trend of neighboring players coming to visit izzi, im sure yall have never seen a card have 5 stats. Izzi has an additional stat for all cards known as INT [or intelligence if you couldnt figure that out]. This might seem pretty confusing but let me make this clear and simple.


If youve played moba's or rpg's before let me put int into a more simple language. Attack is phsyical damage, Intelligence is magic damage. When flooring or even raiding, its the basic attacks your card / team does that matter the most. These basic attacks are based off well attack. Only when youre using Elemental Strike, Frost or Electrocute does INT matter, and even then the only real ability out of those 3 that gets any use time regularly is Electrocute for flooring.

So let me just say this, dont think about INT too much. Focus on your attack, def and HP.


4. How do i decide what cards to build?

While we have a guide for starter cards, i can understand that sometimes having a pool of 661 total cards can be rather intimidating. While were always happy to give you recommendations, eventually youll have to learn how to read a good card from a bad card on your own. The simplest way is to just check the stats. Izzi has a stat pool range of 75 to 98, obviously the higher the better. For most players, anything with in 85 to 89 is "good enough". You need to remember the better a stat is the more sought after it is, creating artificial scarcity. So while you might think getting the card with all +90 stats is good, you gotta keep in mind that that card will not only be; a] More expensive, but also b] Harder to find since everyone is looking for them. Its okay to settle on cards that have flat 85's on all stats than to try hard for cards that have all 90's. To make this process even easier, in raids and even flooring, the only stats that really matter are HP, ATK and DEF. Speed only matters for certain abilities and i just made a whole tangent calling intelligence useless so yeah. If a card has 85+ on HP, attack and defense, and -80 on INT and speed, that card honestly is still pretty decent. Keep this in mind when trying to decypher good cards from bad cards.

The second way to determine the value of a card would be its type. While not as substantial as the stats, typing can play a major role in how wanted and expensive a card would be. Recently izzi went through a big update, the most important part to take away from this update is that ELEMENT TYPES HAVE EFFECTS IN RAIDS. This means that you can no longer monke brain and throw random cards at raids, but instead have to think about what element types you have and how to work around the typing system. 

Here is the currect type spread in izzi;

Remember this as you will have to deal with elements nonstop when raiding.

Right now the best type a card can have is fire, it has one weakness in water and has an advantage over 2 types being crystal and grass. The weakest type would be water. Its weak to grass and electric and only beats fire. HOWEVER, another thing that in my opinion you should look more into is the amount of cards per type in the dex. As of right now, this is the spread [i say right now cause soon theres gonna be a update that changes the typing of some cards]

Light: 98
Dark: 103
Crystal: 35
Electric: 65
Ground: 45
Poison: 56
Fire: 70
Water: 52
Grass: 29
Wind: 38

As you can see, light and dark stick out like sore thumbs. This means that in a setting where raids are randomized and you not knowing what card comes up next in a zone, theres a bigger chance that that card is going to be either light or dark. This means having a card that can deal with those 2 types in specific has a bigger value cause theyre more versatile. 

So to summarize, a "okay" card, has HP, attack and defense stats that are above 85, and is not a water type. Meanwhile a great card, has +90 stats on everything, and preferable has Fire, Light or Crystal typing. 


And thats all i really wanted to explain to everyone today. This blog is definitely more catered towards the new player audience so i hope that these tips and tricks help you out in the long run. If you ever have any more questions that you are unsure about make sure to come visit by #izzi-1 in the official server, there are many players active there who are more than willing to help. You can also send a question in #questions and wait for someone to reply. Or if you really wanna, feel free to light up my DM's, im always down to talk. Thats all for today, see yall in the next blog

Good luck, have fun and stay epic.




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