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Feb 3, 23

Raid Guide as of 2/3/23


As of March 14, 2022, Elemental Advantages have been added to Raid Battles. As a result, the current raid meta will now be dependent on exploiting the raid boss' weaknesses, and taking advantage of your team's elemental resistance, and as of the same date, Light element is now weak to Poison and Crystal. 

As of March 31, 2022, Poison is now weak to Ground, and removed Light's weakness to Poison.

As of October 25, 2022, Multiple Elemental Advantage in Raids, Dungeon Battles, PvP Team battles allows players to use multiple elements to their advantage to deal way more damage and take way less damage from the opponent with an elemental disadvantage. 

Elemental Effectiveness

water > fire [ex: water is effective against fire]

fire > grass and crystal

grass > ground and water

ground > electric and poison

electric > water

crystal > ground and light

poison > wind and grass

wind > crystal

dark > poison

light > dark

Neutral has no elemental effects.

Note: Elemental advantage is denoted by Slightly Effective [1x], Effective [2x], and Super Effective [3x]

Diagram: Credits to tdeoslty#6942


What elements do I use to deal super effective damage?

There will be elements that are weak to one element in the raid, but also strong against it, making its damage neutral. Example of this is a raid with Poison and Light Element. Poison is weak to Dark, but Dark is weak against Light, so the damage dealt will be neutral.

With that in mind, here's a simple method of what elements to use in your raids.

First, you have to review the raid boss elements. Let's have an example:

Raid View

Gray Fullbuster, who is a Water element, is weak to Grass and Electric, and resists Fire

Shuna, who is a Light element, is weak to Crystal, and resists Dark

Ryuk, who is a Dark element, is weak to Light, and resists Poison

So your team composition must have at least one Grass, Electric, Crystal or Light element card to deal super effective damage.

Note: It is recommended to have all 3 cards be super effective against the boss to maximize your damage output/hit the damage limit per battle.

I'm lacking these elemental cards in my inventory, will my team still do super effective damage?

To determine whether your team will be super effective against the boss, you have to compare your team's cards to the individual cards in the raid boss.

Raid Challenge Battle

Let's take the same example, if you only have Kageyama Tobio, Toshirou Hijikata, and Artoria Pendragon [Saber] in your inventory, the effectiveness will be as follows:

Cards Kageyama Tobio [Light] Toshirou Hijikata [Fire] Artoria Pendragon [Saber] [Light]  
Gray Fullbuster [Water] Neutral [0] Weak [-1] Neutral [0]  
Shuna [Light] Neutral [0] Neutral [0] Neutral [0]  
Ryuk [Dark] Strong [+1] Neutral [0] Strong [+1]  
Effective, Weak or Neutral? Strong [+1] Weak [-1] Strong [+1] *Team Effectiveness: Slightly Effective [+1]

*If team effectiveness is positive [+1, +2 or +3], your team will deal slightly effective [1x]/effective [2x]/super effective damage [3x] to the raid boss, and resist the raid boss' incoming attacks

If team effectiveness is zero, your team will deal and receive neutral damage to the raid boss.

If team effectiveness is negative [-1, -2 or -3], your team will deal not very effective damage, as well as taking super effective damage from the raid boss. You have skip this particular raid if your team effectiveness hits this value.

New Team Compositions

Aside from the 2 commonly used comps that are mentioned here in this previous blog, there are some new compositions due to the multiple element effectiveness update, and some abilities are getting attention because of a recent ability buff and/or the existence of elemental advantages.

  • Harbinger of Death + Revitalize/Lifesteal + Point Blank [needs 3x Elemental Advantages] with Black Cleaver/Desolator, Seeker's Armguard/Sapphire Staff/Youmu's Ghostblade and Bloodthirster equipped. [Another version of the commonly used HoD/Revit/Lifesteal comp, due to Point Blank being given an attack buff, but sacrifices a bit of survivability due to it replacing either Revitalize or Lifesteal]

Conditional Teams:

  • Bone Plating + Crusher + Fighting Spirit [needs at least 1x elemental advantage] with Black Cleaver/Desolator, Thornmail/Guardian Angel and Navori Quickblades items equipped [Great against Wrecker + Tornado/Balancing Strike raids due to these abilities dishing high amounts of True damage every 2 rounds]

More raid comps coming soon!

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