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Aug 5, 22

So you know how to play and floor, now its time to level up and tackle one of if not the hardest modes Izzi has to offer, time for us to talk about DUNGEON BATTLES. 

Now lemme go over some ground rules before we start this whole ordeal.
1. This list is prone to change, players come up with new team compositions and ideas non-stop, and everynow and then they actually work. It's important to keep an open mind when it comes to dungeon.
2. This is very opinion based, this guide comes from my experience as a player, and before you hit me with the "how can we trust you" stuff ive gotten first rank in season 5 so my opinion on this matter is some what valid.

Okay with those out of the way lets talk about dungeon or oftenly called dg.

Dg is a seperate form of battle besides raids and flooring. The main concept of dg is that you take your strongest cards in a 3 vs 3 battle against randomized cards of the Xenverse, as you fight more cards your dg rank increases, and with every dg rank increase you will fight harder and harder opponents. Now i know this sounds a lot like raids, but what sets dg apart from raids is how ABSURD THE DIFFICULTY SPIKE AND COMMITMENT IS

Let me elaborate. 

A lot of more seasoned players will tell you to not do dg until youre a lot more experienced / rich in the game, why so? Well as i said earlier the higher the dg rank the high the difficulty, this goes from a puny level 50 silver cards to fighting 3 level 1.7k+ immortal cards. I wish i was joking.
Because why not.

Now why would anyone put themselves through this pain? Well obviously as the saying goes, "the higher the risk, the higher the reward" and dg plays off this saying perfectly. Lets make a little case study.

A single battle on a floor youve already cleared takes 5 mana, and drops about 400 to 500 gold at average.

[The gold number isnt super accurate cause theres high roll drops and low roll drops to consider, the rank of the floor card, what tier of fodder you get from the floor, and a bunch of other variables that determine the gold value but this is the closest estimate.]

Obviously a single battle isnt where youll rack up the gold though, its from doing hourly and lotto and THEN doing bt all, now this is a lot more money than a single bt, usually around the 2000's for platinum floors. You can stack up your mana even more [or just bt all after waking up] to get the BIG MONEY.

Now this is income.

But while this is a way to get a lot of money, it takes a while to wait for mana to completly recharge and you can only go so many hours without being tempted to just let it rip.

Now lets comare this to a dg battle. Since im comparing maximum income bt all, lets compare that too a maximum income dg bt, a battle in grandmaster 3. A single dg bt takes the exact same amount of mana as a regular floor battle, this applies to all dg ranks. 

Okay thats significantly more gold.

Yup, you see that right. A SINGLE dg bt at max rank drops an average of 2000 gold [more or less depending on luck] and this is what interests a lot of players into dungeon.

There is no debate that dg is the single most efficient way to make money, an hour of dg battles can make about the same amount of gold as a max mana bt all. Now you see what i meant by "higher risk higher reward".... And now its time to get into the downside of dg.

While the money certainly is very appealing, remember that i said that this is a average dg battle at the highest dg rank, Grand Master 3. Why is this important you ask? Well to efficiently farm dg battles on GM3 you will need:
a] A team of specific cards [that i will get into later] all at ULTIMATE rank
b] A solid enough guild with decent stats
c] To pay attention to your screen a lot cause ever dg bt command needs to be inputted manually

Compared to the simplicity of bt all [or "farming" as we call it], dungeon is a lot more complicated.

Well at least now you get the main jist, farming is easy, fast and low commitment but low in rewards as well, where as dg is high reward but takes a lot of commitment and time. This is why most players wouldnt recommend rookies to do dg battles. I personally call dg a end game mode, as in once you have collected enough money and knowledge from flooring and raids, you can probably start doing dg since theres nothing else left to do but wait for new zones and raiding. So please make sure to think twice before devoting all of your gold into dg, i recommend saving up to make a raid team and a handful of flooring cards like revitalize and guardian cards before diving into this hell hole.


As stated before dg plays off a ranked system. In total there are 6 ranks:


For every win you gain 12xp points, for every loss you lose 6xp points [and forfeiting the battle counts as a loss so no easy reset spam]. Gain enough points and youll be promoted to a new division.

All ranks are divided into 3 divisions, division 1, 2 and 3 duh. In division 1 you will only be facing 1 card, in division 2 it'll be 2 cards and so on. While this seems pretty unimportant its also important to remember that the higher the rank the higher the enemy teams card rank, so one immortal card may not seem as much but when there are 3 of them it certaintly builds a different scenario. 

I cant exactly tell you the level increase curve of the enemy cards, but this doesnt really matter since all you'll be paying attention to is what ability these cards have.

Time to jump into the next bit of the guide;


Now im gonna be blunt with ya', theres no surefire way to win a dg bt, even with all ult cards and the best of the best guild stats to support you, you will still occasionally lose in dg bt and thats okay, historically there has never been a first rank dg holder who got a perfect no loss record. But what we can do is increase our chances of winning by using specific cards with specific items in a specific composition. 

This part of the blog is going to be leaning a lot more towards the higher ranks of dg [i.e: Grand Master, Hero and Zeke], however all of the things stated here is definitely going to work in the lower ranks as well. 

There are 4 main team composistions used by dg players, STALL TEAM, SLEEP TEAM, BLIZZ TEAM, and RNG TEAM. Lets go more indepth into these teams.

1. Stall Team

Stall teams, as the name implies, focuses on stalling out the enemy with many stuns and heals to win by having more hp than the enemy, rather than killing them. This team consists of sleep, electrocute and guardian. Usually the items used on this team are ghostblade, black cleaver and thirster but you can change these with any item you like, the only one you cant swap out is ghostblade. This team excels in snowballing the enemy, not giving them a chance to use any of their abilities but loses hard to anything that hits hard fast. This team lives and dies off early evades by ghostblade and a lot of teams do, however due to the slow stack nature of guardian you wont be getting any noticable amount of hp off guardian until round 8 or 10, so you better pray to god that he electrocute stuns early on. If you ever run into wrecker + presence of mind or point blank its pretty much game over for you. When using this team prioritize defense and HP since your entire gameplan is to cheese the enemy out. As an alternative you can swap out electrocute for restriction, which has a guaranteed hit rate meaning its safer, HOWEVER, you sacrifice a lot of your damage output by doing this so youll want a decent amount of attack as well when trying this team out.

+ Pros: Really strong snowballing [once this team works its hard to stop]
- Cons: Dies REALLY easily

2. Sleep Team

Also sometimes reffered to as "revita team", this team works to overpower the enemy over the long run by building up its attack stat, while decreasing the enemies attack stat. This team consists of sleep, dominator and revitalize. The idea behind this team is to "run it back", in the start of the battle you wont really do anything but by the end the enemy will be rendered useless and you will hit like a TRUCK. While it takes a while to really start up this team is one of the most safest teams in long battles. This team uses the exact same items as the Stall Team, but if you desire more damage at the start of the battle you can replace cleaver with quickblades. While this team does suffer a lot of the same weaknesses as the Stall team, its extra vunarable to sleep, Stall team has a round 2 potential stun meaning it has a chance to negate sleep, this team doesnt. 

+ Pros: The most consistent in the long run
- Cons: Cant beat sleep cards

3. Blizz Team

The newest comp and probably the most used team as well [as of the current season]. This team works similiarly to sleep teams, the main difference being this team prioritzes hitting sleep before the enemy. Blizzard reduces speed by a lot, with the correct cards and good guild stats its almost confirmed that by round 3 you move first, meaning that sleep is confirmed to hit before the enemy. This team is built of sleep, blizzard and guardian. One of the biggest things this team needs is speed, in some cases attack and hp might not even be the priority. All of your resources are going to go into buying the fastest cards of these talents, which can sometimes lead to lackluster stats such as low hp and others. Once again, ghostblade and thirster are a must, the last item can be either thornmail, cleaver, quickblades, kraken or medana. Because of the outspeed mechanic, this team is almost safe against anything. Obviously things like wrecker + presence will defeat you in a second but additionally this team struggles a lot agaist round 2 stuns / disables, a.k.a electrocute and restriction.

+ Pros: Works against almost anything
- Cons: Needs SUPER specific cards to work consistently [usually lelei, ishigami yuu and either hatsune miku or kaori]

4. RNG Team

The least used team of them all, but it works as some users have made it into the top 10 leaderboard at one point. This team is all luck, with good rng it has the biggest damage potential out of all compositions, however as all luck teams are, consistency is a very big issue and when planning to dg "farm" for gold you want something that works most of the time. This team consists of spell book, sleep and electrocute. Occasionaly you can swap out electrocute for restriction for a little bit more safety, but youre swapping out a LOT of damage by doing this so i personally cant recommend this. By now you should know but ghostblade and thirster are once again, mandatory items, the third item can be farsight,kraken or navori. I dont really think i need to explain what this team can lose to, but if you insist, this team has the potential to beat anything and lost to anything. If you get a lot of excitment from gambling i suppose this is the team for you.

+ Pros: Massive damage POTENTIAL
Cons: About as consistent as missing your finger when playing the knife game while wearing blindfolds.

Enemy ability danger tierlist

Before i close this last bit out, i wanna give yall a little tip when dungeon spamming. Just like in flooring battles, you can delete the battle to forfeit. Now this sounds like something bad, but if youre planning to maximize dungeon spam it might be a good idea to forfeit impossible to beat battles, to know what seems impossible and whats possible i tried my best to compile the abilities into a tier list by how dangerous they are. The higher it is the more likely you should delete the battle, also this list is very prone to being inacurate because there are 3 cards on the field at max. Crusher may be weak alone but when put together with sleep and restrict it might as well be impossible to beat, this list is based on ho dangerous the ability is individually, not counting in the potential of other cards on the field. [also i wont add the ability images for now, ill do that later cause my router hasnt arrived yet and my mobile data speed is G A R B A G E [note: the router finally arrived]]

ezpz, breath in relief if you see these: Exhaust, Crusher, Rapid Fire, Surge, Time Bomb, Dream Eater, Eclipse, Killer Instinct

Still relatively easy, but not guaranteed: Elemental Strike, Berserk, Fighting Spirit, Misdirection, Lifesteal, Dominator, Frost, Predator, Blizzard, Bone Plating

Very much up in the air, could go either way even with top cards: Spell Book, Precision, Evasion, Future Sight, Revitalize, Tornado, Balancing Strike, Toxic Screen

its winnable, but dont count on it: Dragon Rage, Point Blank, Presence of Mind, Wrecker, Guardian, Restriction, Electrocute, Chronobreak, Sleep


Dungeon is a expensive to do, but very well worth it money farm for late game players, it might seem not worth doing considering how much gold and time you need to spend to find the right cards, build them, and rank up to GM3 and farm dg efficiently, but i assure you it is well worth it, by the end of this all you will have a really good money cycle giving you more funds to upgrade your current cards or to just mess around and build random cards. Dont rush entering dg, it might be super tempting seeing players get 2k+ per battle, but trust me it takes a lot of time before youre even nearly ready to start doing dungeon, focus on raids and flooring instead, once all is set and done THEN i recommend starting to save for a dungeon team. 

Thats it from me, cyall in the OS
Good luck, have fun, stay healthy, and stay epic 

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