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Sep 30, 23

How To Upload Custom Cards

You can upload custom cards to be used as a Global Series or Personalized for specific servers. The custom cards uploaded are subjected to be reviewed and approved by admins. You can submit up to 10 characters per series. If you series / skin art is approved it will automatically removed from the submission page UI, so you do not need to worry about editing or removing them. You can uploaded any number of series for your server or global.

Custom Skin art are personalized for the player and is only available to the player. Once their skin art is approved they will receive the skin as a gift from the Admins.

There are some rules to be followed while submitting a custom card or series.

Disclaimer: If your ART is subject to copyright, the art or series may be removed or discontinued.

Custom card rules

Art Quality

The quality of art is greatly valued, so a resolution of 1920x1080 HD is recommended. If the art looks low quality it may be rejected.
Tip: Helpful tool to resize art without losing quality

Watermarks and Copyright

We recommend the art must not contain any watermarks. However, we encourage crediting artists for their Fan Art so its best to ask the artist for permission to use the art for free or if they need credit. We simply credit the artist by providing a link to their pixiv, or twitter username, please mention the appropriate links while submitting art. If you have already received permission to use the art for free mention it in extra notes as well. If there are too many texts or watermarks on the art it may be rejected. If we are asked to take down the art, we will do so.

The ideal resolution reommended is 750x1000 [Use a higher resolution art to crop].

Character Position

The art must showcase a single character. If there are too many characters on the same art it may be rejected.


The art must not contain lewd or hentai visuals.

Character Talent And Element Type

Make sure the talent and element type for a character first exists on Izzi Bot. Additionally you could make sure to spread out the talents to not stack characters under only few talents. If admins have found that there are too many characters for that talent, the admins reserve the right to change it.

The same set of rules apply for Custom Skin Art as well.

How to Choose Custom Series, Talent and Element Type

- You can submit your own custom series or anime / Games / TV Shows but the art must be anime style.

- The characters you choose must not be copyrighted and must not exist on izzi. If you submit a character that belongs to an existing series, it will be added to that series instead of your custom series.

- If you wish to add more characters to existing series simply enter the series name as your submission.

- The characters or skins must not be already available on izzi.

- You can also submit characters from existing series to be added into your custom server, but there should atleast be 5 characters while submitting.

- While choosing talents / abilities refer: to see if the ability and element type has lots of cards. Chances are if the cards for certian ability and element type are less in number we wont have to change the ones you have submitted. If we find that there are too many cards for the ability and element type you submit we will change it to diversify the cards.

- You can also submit your own custom series name with your own custom character names [Example: Your own username/your own card], but they must be appropriate and meet other art standards.

Note: We will add more rules as we see fit as we get more submissions.

Reserved Talents and Element Types

The following Talents and Element types are reserved. Therefore, If you set them as one of the custom card skills they will be changed:

- Neutral Harbinger of Death [Izzi card].

- Poison Harbinger of Death.

How To Submit Custom Art

To submit custom card or skin art you need the character art and the original source url of the art. Steps to follow:

Step 1

Download the art from the source url, example: pixiv or pinterest or any platform. Upload the original art into Google Drive and make sure its public for admins to access.

upload custom cards to gdrive

Step 2

Upload the downloaded or resized art in any discord public channel [You can also do this in izzi OS]. Click on "open in browser" and copy the link. This link is considered "image url".

custom card link

Step 3

Add the Image source url. The Pixiv or pinterest link where you found the art. Also mention the artist profile url along with Chracter name and other details in the form. If the source url is invalid the submission may be rejected.

Step 4

Repeat until you've added all the characters for a series or skin you desire.

Step 5

While entering Character details if you do not enter server details it will be added globally which means any izzi player can spawn your character in raids.

enter custom card details

Step 6

If you do not wish for the character to be global you must specify valid server ID and server invite link for verification. If you add more than 5 servers the character will be added as a global character.

Step 7

Save your changes and wait for approval. If changes are requested you will be notified via Izzi DMs.

Note: You can have characters both as Global and specific to servers from the same series.

How To Spawn Custom Characters

If your custom character is Global, You can spawn these in raids using [iz rd spawn] commands. If the character is not a global character, you can spawn a raid of this character using [iz ge rspawn]. Both commands will set a raid spawn cooldown. You cannot spawn a custom server raid during an Event.

You can only spawn custom character raids in specific servers. So make sure your server invite link is valid for longer period.

Note: If you suddeny decide to delete your server or if your invite link becomes invalid the custom series will automatically be updated as Global Series.

What Are The Verification Criteria For Custom Cards

  1. - You must have izzi in your server.
  2. - A custom character series must contain atleast 5 characters [minimum].
  3. - The art submitted must not contain lewd or hentai visuals.
  4. - The character must not contain xenex series art or existing series in the bot.
  5. - You must provide a server invite link which is valid for longer period.
  6. - Your server must contain atleast 20 members.
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