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Feb 15, 23
Wow it's been a while huh
haha, my bad
Anyhow with a new year dawning upon us its time for the seasonal cycle of izzi to start again, and just in time as well cause its the month of love and with that comes a new event for us to tackle. Somehow me n pareo have never made a event guide before this so better late than never amirite. Heres everything you need to know about izzi events, how to tackle em, and how to profit of em.
What are events? Events are limited well, events, they happen usually during big holidays [Valentines, new years, christmas, etc], during these times raids are replaced with event raids. They work almost identically, except the amount of cards in raids and the rewards change. In regular raids, its a 3 v 3 and the potential prize being the cards that you just battled and varying rarities. In events however, you only battle up to 2 cards [It used to be only one but its valentines itd be rude to seperate the couple] and after defeating said raid, you obtain shards as opposed to the battled cards. What do i do with these shards you might ask, well this is where the second gimmick of events comes into place. During events, the event tab in the website will be opened,
Whoa, magic
This tab of the website essentially acts as a seasonal shop. You can exchange the shards you obtained here for said cards in the shop, you can purchase them from diamond rarity all the way up to immortal rarity. But in theme with the whole "Seasonal" thing, the event tab only shows purchasable cards during events, and shards can only be farmed during events [okay technically you can purchase premium to access old event cards and consume orbs for shards but it sounds more dramatic this way and ill cover these options later down the blog]. Bearing that in mind, its important to know how to maximize the potential of these events and come out with maximum profit.
Firstly, its not really a law but its universally agreed upon that exchanging your shards for anything less than a immo is a waste. I know it can be intimidating to tackle the immo versions of any raids [esp the current event i did not think shirayuki and zen would hit this hard sorry everyone] and it might be more appealing to settle for divines since theyre lower in shard cost meaning less time wasted doing raids, but in reality getting 8 divines is more expensive than shooting for 4 immos. While shard wise it might not seem that far apart where this tactic falters is in fodder cost, because events cards cant be farmed fodders [Silver, gold and platinum variants], oftenly youll be forced to enhance them with random fods in your inventory. This can get really expensive especially when you use the iz packs command to obtain these fodders. Save yourself the money and just get the immos bud.
Its pricey i know but its worth
Secondly, i wanna highlight a key difference between normal raids and event raids. In normal raids, theres a term oftenly used called "Damage threshold". Essentially, this means that to have a chance of getting the leg div immo drops, you need to do at least 1/10th of the total raid bosses HP, often we just abbreviate it to 1mil at bare minimum. In event raids however, because we are farming currency instead of direct cards, the damage threshold doesnt exist in this time period. So its often benefitial for new players to go into the official server and find raids to join with others. 
Right, with that out of the way lets get into the actual meat of the guide.
1. Choosing the right raids
While event raids are miles easier than regular raids, the introduction of the new 2v3 raid format introduces a lot of new obstacles that might effect future events [totally not me scaring the hell out of the playerbase, says the event manager], so its a good time to refresh your memories of how to choose correct raids. 
In a past blog, i mentioned how choosing right raids comes down to what you have, what you want, and what you can handle. While the base logic of this can still be applied to event raids, a new factor comes into forray, that being shard drops. For example ill be refering to event raids here as impossible difficulty, when any event raid spawns it has a minimum and maximum value on how many shards it can drop after being finished, at worst its 27 and at best its 40. It doesnt take a lot of brain power to figure out but the more the better, most of the time people will be joining only 38+ raids on the raids that are easier [easier here refers to the raid guide, read that to get an idea of what "easier" means], however this isnt the only type of event raider.
Geneva convention violation vs Unspoken rizz
A key difference between izzi and the other card game bot [i refuse to mention it but you know who im talking about], is that in izzi its possible to finish maximum difficulty raids on your own, or better known in the community as "solo raiding". This also transfers into event raids, however the difference between a normal event raider or i refer to them as shard raiders and solo raiders, is that a solo raider isnt as concerned about the shard reward. When soloing [and take it from me i am a solo SPECIALIST], our main objective is to get gold as opposed to shards or card drops.
I love commiting manslaughter on my own.
So if for example you are a new player and started playing just as a event starts, you have 3 options:
A] You can finish the event on your own terms and only do easy~medium raids.
B] You can wait in the event raid lobby interface, and join raids that have 38+ shards, then you can either private them [iz ev mprivate] and find capable people to help finish it, or just join and wait till randoms fill the lobby.
C] You can approach a more veteran player and ask them to carry you and tell them that the shard count isnt as important to you.
The Solo, the party, and the easy.
Choose your poison.
2. Choosing what to exchange
After all that carrying, raiding, or leeching [i dont judge], its time to cash in your rewards. How to choose tho? Well this plays back into what you need, however usually during events, the event manager [wow not me talking about myself in the 3rd person] splits his attention into 2 ways, throphy cards and usable cards. Basically there will be a very clear divide between cards that are targeted towards the beginner player, and cards that are targeted towards to the collector. Beginner orientated cards will usually be current meta cards [for example, in the current events its the shirayuki / zen duo], as opposed to the collector cards which will have okay to very niche cards [again, current event it would be the aharen / raido duo]. 
Zen & Shirayuki = Newly revamped abilities, currently dominating the dg meta
Taiga & Ryuuji = Niche usage but not the main focus
Aharen & Raido = Niche usage but more usable than Taiga and Ryuuji
In regular raids i always say "raid what you want and need", but in event raids ill just be straight forward, get the meta cards first. I made them for a reason. Please use them as intended. 
3. Raid teams
While this isnt a very objective bit of the blog, after looking back on all past izzi events i have seen a rather similiar pattern in how teams differ between regular raids and event raids. In regular raids, the point is to usually weaken the raid and striking back afterwards [Fighting spirit, crusher, dominator, all these abilities work with this logic] however, because event raids by ergo proxy are weaker than regular raids, teams tend to boil down to just hitting as hard as possible as fast as possible.
A almost universal team that has seen usage in every event is:
Revitalize - Dragon Rage - Precision
Kiryu Coco [Dragon rage], Tachibana Marika [Revitalize], Jeanne [Precision]
Ancient as hell but its the base of future event teams
While in the current meta these abilities arent as good as they once were, we can take the core idea of this team and put it in a modern izzi setting. Rev acts as a direct method of increasing HP, while also increasing atk, which feeds into the other two abilities. Dragon rage is there purely to increase atk, and precision is there to add a sort of side effect to our attacks, in this case its critical hits. At its simplest, the teams work in a sort of Heal - Buff - Extra ideology. With that in mind honestly you are free to experiment. As long as you keep the HBE [Heal buff extra] concept in mind, almost any ability can work.
Revitalize - Harbinger - Pointblank
Revitalize - Harbinger - Lifesteal
Yotsuba Nakano [Revitalize], Momo Belia [Life steal], Inui Sajuna [Harbinger of Death]
Same concept, new tools.
And so on. 
There are plenty of other teams that have been created during event periods, however i dont feel the need to mention them here as they are very much a one time thing. These teams were created during the event period and died as soon as the event period was over. However for knowledge sake, here are some example of past event only teams.
Balancing Strike - Fighting Spirit - Dominator
Sleep - Dream Eater - Dream Eater
Bone Plating - Fighting Spirit - Precision
Sleep - Dream eater - Dream eater in action,
Thank you for the demonstration pareo.
To name a few.
4. Extra Info
Near the start of the blog i mentioned premium and consume. I dont know where to actually put them so ill just mention em as bonuses. Premium is a status you can purchase with izzi points, you get izzi points with topping up. Once purchased youll gain a plethora of advantages, one of which being able to buy past event cards.
I dont have premium cause im broke but imagine im buying all these cards.
However, there is a catch. The past event cards are on a timer, after a set amount of time theyll be gone permanently [So if youre a hololive fan and fubuki is your waifu, i am very sorry]. 
Consume is a command that you can use once you have more than 20 orbs, what are orbs? A sort of currency you get after donating to your guild.
1000 gold = 1 orb
Consume as the name implies, consumes 20 orbs to make 1 shard. 
Not everyone has time to grind the hell out of events so sometimes its smart to drop big donation bombs after a event announcement.
Last LAST thing i need to mention is the new command [or i think its new ive never seen it before] is "cards consume".
Be careful with this, you might accidentally burn some good cards
Essentially, with this command you can trade off spare cards for shards [Legends and Divine only], you get 1 shard per legend and 2 per divine. Just make sure you favorite the cards youre still gonna use before using this command okay?
And just like that i think youve learned the basics of events, hopefully now you can commit manslaughter more efficiently and walk out with maximum profit. On a side note, we are actively working on updating and reworking all of our blogs so look forward to that. As always, Have fun and stay epic and ill see you in izzi-1.
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