Change Logs

Patch Notes 4.2

Ability Buffs
- Fighting Spirit: While your HP is below 35% increase True ATK and DEF of all allies by 20%. ATK buff is capped at 200% based on Base ATK.
- Dragon Rage: Increase True ATK of all allies by 25% as well as decreasing their True DEF by 7%.
- Berserk: When your health % is lower than that of the enemy increase your True ATK/DEF/CRIT CHANCE by 22%.
- Dominator: Permanently decrease the True ATK of all enemies by 16% simultaneously increasing True ATK and Base ATK of all allies by 15%.
- Lightning Shield: Increase True DEF of all allies by 30%. Reflect 25% damage based on enemy ATK, simultaneously decreasing their Accuracy and Critical Damage by 15%.
- Defensive Strike: Increase DEF and Base DEF of all allies by 20%. Deal 25% damage based on ally DEF. If your SPD is lower than that of the enemy your damage % is increased to 30%. This ability can Stack.

Ability DeBuffs
- Dream Eater: Elemental Advantage has been removed.

Other Changes
- When raid boss enters Rage Mode the aid boss hp is refilled along with armor.
- Rage mode is only applied to Hard and Immortal raids.

Extra Notes
- True ATK/DEF/SPD/ARM implies that the buffs/debuffs will be based on Current ATK/DEF/SPD/ARM .

Patch Notes 4.1

Ability BuffsDominator and Lightning Shield will proc every 2 rounds instead of 3 rounds.

• Precision: the ability proc is more consistent depending on your ARMFighting Spirit: While your HP is below 35% increase ATK and DEF of all allies by 35%Blizzard: Increase ACC of all allies by 20% simultaneously decreasing enemy SPD by the same % and decrease their Max HP by 2% up to 50%. Deal 25% bonus damage each round as shard damage.

• Defensive Strike: Increase DEF of all allies by 10%. Deal 25% damage based on ally DEF. If your SPD is lower than that of the enemy your damage % is increased to 30%. This ability can Stack.

Patch Notes 4

New AbilitiesUndead [PSV]: Apply a stack of Zombie Aura on all allies. When your hp reaches 0 regenerate 1hp for 2 additional rounds.

• Vortex [PSV]: At the start of the battle, steal 20% of enemy ATK up to 100% of your base ATK and heal for half the amount of the difference between ally current ATK and base ATK.

• Transfigure: Decrease the SPD of all allies by 10% simultaneously increasing their max HP and base DEF by 15%.

New ItemCrystal Wand: At the start of the battle, reduce skill cooldown by 1 for up to 6 rounds. Only works on active abilities and the card equipping the item.

Ability BuffGuardian: Restore 27% - 32% HP based on your DEF and also increase the DEF and ARMOR of all allies for the same %. PSV Over heal stops surge bleed and regens bonus ARMOR for the amount of extra heal.

Patch Notes 3.2

Evolution [evo] Update
• You can now evo Ultimate rank cards into Mythical rank cards using either Guild evo or Sacrificing 1x same card copy.
• Your card must be level 70 Ultimate to be able to evo into level 1 Mythical.
• If your Ultimate card is already level 80 you will be charged 700,000 extra Gold to evo into level 80 Mythical.

Desolator, Card Souls and World Boss Souls
• Desolator only drops souls if the following conditions are met:
1] Card is of rank Mythical and level 70+ up to 79.
2] Card is rank Ultimate and level 71+ up to level 79.
3] Once your card reaches level 80 you will no longer get soul drops from desolator.
• The same conditions apply for Card Souls and World Boss Souls.

Mythical raid drops and Gacha
• Mythical cards are removed from gacha packs.
• Mythical card drops from raids are lowered to 1% - 3%.

Card Mastery Title
• Once your card reaches Mythical rank, you can obtain a Mastery Title by consuming 3 random max level Mythical copies.
• This is just a visual feature and has no effect on stats.
• Level 80 Mythical cards can also obtain the Mastery Title. However, if you sacrifice a level 80 card nothing can be done there, make sure you are using the right cards.
• command: `iz ge master <#ID> <#ID2>,<#ID3>,<#ID4>`
[Example] iz ge master 1 23,29,30, comma separated ids must not contain spaces.
Note: If the sacrificed cards contain more than 1 soul, the extra souls are transferred to the Master Card.

Patch notes 3.1.1

-exm Filter Support
• You can now use `-exm` filter in `inventory and market` listing commands.
• Examples: `iz inv -n mine -exm`, `iz mk -n rem -exm`.

Weekly Quests
• New weekly quests reset every Monday at the start of the week at 00:00:00 UTC. To view all your quests use `iz dq`.

Bug fix
• The use of ^ $ characters is no longer supported while searching, use `-exm` filter.

• Compare command usage has been changed to `iz cmp -n akali,mine -exm`