back Starter Cards for Faster Progression

Jan 27, 22

Now that you know how to play, here's how to progress into the Xenverse!


Flooring: For starters, it's nice to get yourself at least a Diamond rank wrecker :wrecker: card (but any high leveled card will do, for now), as it can sweep up to location/zone 30 at most. Then when you earn enough gold for either a Guardian :guardian: or a Revitalize :revitalize: of Immortal rank, then go buy one, as they could do the job better in the higher zones with Youmu's Ghostblade :youmusghostblade: or Bloodthirster :bloodthirster: equipped.


Below are examples of common floor roadblocks you might encounter (These are set to their highest possible rarity for their respective zones): 


1. Kumin Tsuyuri (Floor 40-16)

Element: Poison

Talent: Sleep :sleep:(Diamond Rank): Inflict a stack of Drowsiness on the enemy causing them to miss their turns until they are awake.

Counters: Dark Element Berserk :berserk:card. Other options is Guardian :guardian: which isn't a Grass or Wind element.

Item: Youmuu's Ghostblade :ghostblade:

Sleep triggers every 3 rounds, which means Revitalize :heal:isn't a viable option. It would be better to gain buffs from berserk and hope that it can get some good damage off before your card has been put to sleep, or outheal her with Guardian until the end of battle, which is 15 rounds, but you only get 1 free heal, which is at round 2. Every other heal can only happen if your card manages to break free from drowsiness.

Berserk counter can only be used against sleep cards that have an elemental weakness. If the said sleep floor is a Neutral or Light Element. better bring a Guardian card with you.

2. Sakurajima Mai (Floor 62-25)

Element: Neutral

Talent: Guardian:guardian: (Legend Rank): Restore 23% - 25% HP based on your DEF and also increase the DEF of all allies for the same %.

Counters: Any good stat Revitalize :heal: card

Item: Youmuu's Ghostblade :ghostblade:

This is where Guardian cannot outheal a Guardian floor, as these floor bosses have way more health than your Immortal Guardian cards. Revitalize would be better because they can boost their ATK to eliminate all the heals and counteract the floor's DEF increase. Better pray that your item give you a lot of evades for that to work.


3. Rize Tedeza (Floor 84-25)

Element: Poison

Talent: Point Blank :pointblank: (Divine Rank):  Increase the Accuracy of all allies by 23% as well as increasing CRIT Chance by 33%

Counters: Dark Element Berserk :berserk:(special mentions: Rikka Takanashi <Dark/Electrocute>, Mio Akiyama <Dark/Revitalize/Event> and Uruha Rushia <Dark/Sleep/Event>

Item: Bloodthirster :bloodthirster:


High Accuracy floors tend to break your cards in 2 to 3 hits. This is where elemental advantages take the spotlight. Mitigating the damage taken from the the early and late critical hits can hopefully give you enough health to beat them, although you might have to try a few times as well due to how much they land crits. 


Raids: 2 talents are very important here, and these are Dominator :dominator: and Fighting Spirit :fightingspirit:. These talents create a synergy where Fighting Spirit can stack a lot of attack when your team's HP is under 30% and Dominator reduces the raid boss' ATK and INT in the early round, allowing you to stack more buffs with Fighting Spirit. The 3rd card depends on what raid you're facing, from either precision :precision:, berserk :berserk:, and in some special cases, Presence of Mind :presenceofmind: for Future Sight :futuresight: raids or Point Blank :pointblank:. PoM and PB can both do evasion :evasion: raids.
Item builds wil be listed below (can go in any order)
DPS (damage build):
  • Navori Quickblades :navoriquickblades:or Duskblade of Draktharr :duskbladeofdraktharr:
  • Black Cleaver :blackcleaver:
  • Bloodthirster :bloodthirster:
Defensive Build:
  • Thornmail :thornmail: or Guardian Angel :guardianangel:
  • Black Cleaver :blackcleaver:
  • Bloodthirster :bloodthirster:
In the following blog post we will discuss about the best specific cards for each talent for your raid/floors/dungeon battles, I will also be adding cards that can fit into your gold budget to have an upper hand against some tough raid bosses in the early game.