back Mia's Beginner Guide - Getting Started

☽ Miaᶜʳˢ
☽ Miaᶜʳˢ
Nov 18, 22

Hello summoner,

welcome to Xenverse!
We hope your journey here wasn't too long. Rest a little while I explain the basics of this world to you. 

Firstly, you must select a card to fight alongside you in battle! [iz select 1]
This world is full of powerful characters from different zones. Your first task will be to defeat them. Each character is located in a zone, on several particular floors. 

Try battling the first opponent by doing [iz bt]
Once you won your first battle, you can proceed to the next floor with [iz fl n]. 
After moving to the next floor, you can battle again using [iz bt].

HINT: Use [iz bt hidebt] and [iz fl n] to move through floors quickly!

Once you got a few floor battles in, you can check your card inventory with [iz inv]!
In there, you will find your selected card (card #1) and a few small fodder cards. Fodder cards are cards of the ranks silver, gold and platinum. 
When you defeat a floor, you gain one fodder card. 

HINT: Use [iz enh 1] to enhance card #1 (your selected card) and level it up!

Well done, summoner! Now, you can keep battling floors and slowly level up your main card.
If you feel tired of all the floor battles, you can simply use up all your mana on one floor and farm fodders of the specific floor card using [iz bt all].

As you move through floors and zones, you will gather up more and fodder cards and also gold! 
You can use your gold to buy other cards from the market that you would like to own. 

Until next time summoner, be safe,